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TeenBreaks.com gives you detailed information on pregnancy and abortion plus help in dealing with both. Girls who aborted tell their own stories about why they chose abortion, what the abortion was like, and how they feel now.


A project of Heartbeat International, is a state-of-the-art helpline that employs trained phone consultants who are available 24/7 to assist women in crisis and to directly connect them to local pregnancy help centers.To get help by phone: Call toll free, 1-877-877-9027 or, text the word "option" to 95495


Wisconsin Right to Life founded the Nightingale Alliance in 2002. This is the site for important, up-to-date information on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia

National Right to Life Committee - NRLC.org

National Right to Life’s website provides resources and information on federal right-to-life issues and legislation, compiled by the most esteemed national pro-life organization.

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Laws Governing Stem Cell Research

President Bush’s Embryonic Stem Cell Policy

In August of 2001, President Bush established a federal policy on embryonic stem cell research. You are probably confused and believed, as many did, that President Bush cut off federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Reasearcher imageThe facts are that the Bush policy allowed federal funds to be used for research on existing stem cell lines derived from embryos that had already been destroyed before August of 2001. The policy did not allow federal funds to be used to destroy more living human embryos.

President Bush and the previous Congress committed hundreds of millions of dollars to ethical adult stem cell research and to establish cord blood banks.

President Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Policy

By Executive Order, President Obama overturned the Bush policy in 2009, allowing federal tax dollars to be used to destroy living human embryos. It remains to be seen if the Obama administration will commit dollars to ethical research using adult stem cells and iPS cells.

Wisconsin Stem Cell Policy

Wisconsin has a law which informs a pregnant woman that for research purposes she can donate cord blood normally discarded after the birth of her baby.